Nana Technologies – DIY skin creams workshop!

26 June 2012

This evening I’m teaching a workshop on making your own skin creams, a Nana Technologies course, through the Kaipatiki Project.

An introduction to making your own skin care products at home.  The venue is Highbury House, in Birkenhead.

The evening will focus on making my Lemon and Rose skin cream, a good base recipe that includes ingredients such as rosehip oil, rosewater, shea butter and lemon essential oil.  Working from start to finish participants will have the opportunity to get a bit hands on, ask questions, talk about troubleshooting, including how to work through any problems that may arise when you make your own beauty creams at home.

We will go over basic equipment needs, and discuss optional extras. A key part of the workshop will involve testing samples of the base ingredients and discuss other ways to combine oils.  This has been very popular at my recent workshop!

Bit of bio:

I have been making my own beauty products for the last four years, a long precess of trial and error I’ve found out what works for me, and just how easy it can be to do it yourself at home.

Initially I was keen to have more control over what I was putting on my skin, as well as saving money.  However, this interest has become something of a passion as I enjoy learning about the potential healing properties of many vegetable and plant oils, and making it myself is so very satisfying!

Some ingredients for testing…

And more samples were had…

The finished product, ready to take home, mmm mm, smells just divine!

Photos were from my last workshop at Lopdell House…  Thanks to Lisa.

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