musical hats

24 October 2011

Just have to share the best op shop find I’ve had in a while.  In the rough old hat basket with caps and beanies tossed in, I saw with amazement four beautiful vintage hats in apparently perfect condition!  When I took a closer look I found they were stuffed with sheet music – oh my god!  I know, what’s that all about?

Anyhow, I have a big head, and most often the loveliest old hats just don’t fit.  So, I was pretty happy that one fitted, this one, it’s navy blue with a ribbon of twisted or woven nylon around.

So I took them to the counter, and tried to pretend that I wasn’t that excited, and she sold them to me for $5 each, one is a pretty blue paisley style print that is a great little (though oversized) sun hat for Luna, a brown faux fur hat and another really lovely aqua cap style hat that I gave a friend.

She offered to take the paper out, but I thought they needed to be together, turns out they came from a theatre company, the sheet music seems to be all church songs.  How about that?

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