Mushroom soup with garlic

27 July 2011

This is one of my best and simplest soups…  it’s really just about the mushrooms and all that garlic!  (Really big mushrooms).

You want some too?   Grab about three good sized large flat mushrooms, like the size of your hand large if you can find them fresh, a head of garlic (if you’re not so big on garlic, just a few less, maybe four cloves?), olive oil and vege stock.

I pour a generous splash of olive oil in my pot, (use less if you’re no so keen on slightly oily soups – it gets that green sheen on top…) and grate my garlic in, you can chop it or crush it.  These days I start making dinner at lunch and so I leave this to sit and infuse while I read to and sleep the kids.

Meantime, chop the mushrooms finely.  If you’ve also done the oily garlic infusion, doesn’t it smell divine?  Slowly, like on the lowest temp setting, cook the garlic, stirring gently, this takes a while, then..

Toss in the chopped ‘shrooms, again cook on low for ages, until they reach a really wilted state…  and smell really good.

Then I add my stock, I like this organic one, and it takes about 4 cups, see?

Use extra hot water if needed, and do add stock to taste.  Cook slowly, I just let it simmer, then dish up!  Soo good.

Make sure you’ve made some good bread to go with it!

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