Motoura Camping weekend

12 March 2006


Back off! This little weta was busted hiding out on my friend’s tent when she was packing up, we liberated it onto a nearby branch.

weta.jpgImages from a February camping weekend at Motoura Island, a trip primarily to thank the volunteers who have been involved in the restoration of the island over the previous year, with a few simple tasks for those who are keen to work.

With 30,000 trees planted to date the island is looking great, the goal was 45,000 trees planted over a nine year period. Planting is carried out over the winter, tasks for the summer trips usually involve improving facilities on the island and seed collecting for growing the next generation of seedlings to be planted on Motoura.

Our campsite, we took in a little relaxation after our morning collecting seeds. The weather was perfect, and at night the sky was so clear we spied some satellites and several shooting stars. One of the other campers came across a kiwi scratching around!

The water was beautiful and clear, and at low tide walking the beach was very rewarding, I found washed up starfish, kina, a variety of crabs and other shells.

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