Moon the movie

19 March 2011


I like this image… but I didn’t really like the movie.

A couple of weeks ago I checked out Moon (2009).  It sounded alright, set in the future when we energy hungry humans mine our Moon for environmentally friendly resources to solve our ever increasing demands (an incredibly expensive place to go to get fuel though).  The only character you ever really see, Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), is nearing the end of his three year shift running the mining operation on the Moon accompanied only by his computer minder/friend GERTY, sounds a bit like Dave and HAL in 2001 A Space Odyssey doesn’t it?  Anyway, so I found it very derivative, and predictable, but visually, aside from some nasty fighting (I just can’t stomach violence these days) it was quite good, the animation was fairly convincing too.  I enjoy exploring what life might be like off-Earth, so that was fun, seeing the living quarters, I wonder what living and working spaces would be like if we lived on other less friendly planets.

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