mmm lime cordial

20 July 2011

Would you like some?  We get loads of limes whenever we see Rob’s parents, so what to do with them??  I love limes, and lime cordial is soo good.

You can make a cordial with lemons too, or tangelos?  Probably anything like these.

So here’s the recipe, it really is simple, and it was given to me by Rob’s aunt.

Wash your fruit, get a big pot with about 4 cups of water boiling.

When I make this with lemons I use 3 cups of sugar, with limes, I use about 4 cups of sugar.

Also with lemons, I might use about 6, and limes, well, about 10 or 12?  The ones we get from Rob’s parent’s orchard are really good, super juicy and a good size.

While your water boils and the sugar dissolves, halve and juice your fruit, you need to drop the squeezed halves into the water sugar mix, reservingthe juice.

This needs to boil for about 10 minutes, I’ve boiled it longer and it’s also fine.

Strain into another big jug, add the juice, I get about 400mls from 12 limes, you can strain the juice if you don’t like the pulp, but I like it!

The recipe I use then calls for 1 teaspoon each of tartaric acid, citric acid and epsom salts.  I have made with all three, with tartaric and citric acids (when I couldn’t find my epsom salts) and then just with citric acid, and it has been fine, you need to store it in the fridge and at our house it seldom lasts longer than a week!

And that’s it, easy, you have a concentrate, dilute it to taste with ice, a ring of lime and enjoy!

We love it!


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