Mermaid’s Purse at the Michael Park School Fair!

21 October 2011

This year you can find me and my Mermaid’s Purse a few other markets, I’m doing some school markets and a couple of other new ones to mix things up a bit, maybe get closer to where you are..  Take a look over at the sidebar on your right, see?

I’m really excited about going along to the Michael Park School Fair, and it’s only two weeks away!

I’m bring my beautiful new purses, and sewing kits, I’m making up some now, strawberry decorations, easy to sew in felt and felt carrots and – if I can swing some more late nights, maybe a couple more kits.  I like the idea of inspiring kids to get stictching, so these are perfect for a beginner and can be used to make your house all festive…

So here are the details:

Michael Park School Fair

Saturday 5th November, 2011
9.30am – 3.30pm
Michael Park School
55 Amy Street

Here is a map:

See you there!



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