Cut with the kitchen knife, 2022 preparing for the artists talk.

Since 2021 I’ve been mentoring a group of artists, including former NorthTec Grads and other excellent local artists to develop their creative practice. We call ourselves Collective Practise, and you can find us on Instagram here, and Facebook here.

About the Creative Practice workshops

Designed to support emerging artists and recent arts graduates with developing their independent creative practices, culminating in a group exhibition in Whangarei. The goal of the workshops is to equip artists to engage confidently and professionally with their communities, via supportive connections between practitioners, a deep dive into their studio practice to understand their processes and provide a supportive space to test ideas and present their work.

We cover essentials skills for professional practice including;

●  Critical feedback on studio practice

●  Approaches to research

●  Applying for grants and funding

●  How to write artist statements

●  Working collaboratively

●  Project management

●  Sustainable practice in the arts industry

Cut with the kitchen knife, 2022 installation at Reyburn House Gallery.

The workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the participants, and are adapted for online platforms. After the conclusion of the 10 weeks, I continue to offer support and mentoring as we work towards the final group exhibition in 2022. The artists who participated in the 2021 – 2022 workshops were able to engage with each other and support each other’s respective practices, they actively work towards new ideas, making goals for new bodies of work and testing new ideas. So great to see them work together and support each other so generously. A key part of the workshops is looking at other artists, learning from each other as peers, as well as looking at each artist’s practice in the broader arts historical context. Each artist has been challenged and encouraged to extend their ideas and studio work.

These are some thoughts by my recent art group on my process and how I’ve helped them with their practice:

Jolene Pascoe says;

“Having been part of the mentoring workshops with Angela I have found myself working consistently and frequently towards my goal of being an artist. 
I have found this workshop has hugely complimented my recent completion of the Bachelor of Applied Arts. Learning more about the practical steps you need to take in the creative arts sector has been exactly what I have needed to keep my own art practice alive and to understand a lot more about the creative industry aspect of being a working artist.
This is one of the best things I’ve done! Angela’s style and approach to the work we need to do for these workshops is educational, helpful and knowledgeable and she understands each of our individual needs well through her thoughtful observation of us as artists and what we are trying to achieve. Angela is a great mentor and I would highly recommend these continue for future artists”

Catherine Davies Colley (MFA) says;

The 10-week Art Group mentored by Angela Rowe, was central to the re engagement with my practice. Angela’s thought-provoking comments, contextual guidance and extensive knowledge base of art ideologies have activated me and my making. This mentored group allowed me to shift and have confidence again in my thoughts and work removing the vacuum I was inhabiting. Angela guided the group with structured topics and discussion. The outcomes are evident in the contextual practices of individuals of the group. 

Ros Craw says;

Grateful is probably a better word but kind of like thankfulness…..
What has this group and you given me/ meant to me…..
– a supportive encouraging safe group to work with- great discussions, new artists to look at, ideas to think about, books to read- other ways of looking at my work, seeing how it’s seen through different eyes-has enabled me to believe in myself more and keep working on my ideas-acceptance (really important for lots of different reasons)-challenges, to try different ways of working, think about different perspectives ….are thrown but in a very kind way-the chance to network with even more like-minded people in the area- friends now for sure.

These workshops have been made possible by the generous support of Whangārei District Council and Creative Northland.