make it for winter

10 May 2011


I’ve been reading some cool blogs lately, and it seems crafters around the place are getting even more thifty and blogging about it.  I think being crafty and thrifty tend to go together anyway, but there seems to be a big move away from buying and making to finding, reusing and making.  Projects like making plans to create their own clothes, new from old, and not buy more stuff use their stash for future projects (rather than growing the stash, which is so much fun!) and the like.

I had been thinking that I’d like to make my clothes for this coming winter, or at first it was for autumn.. but as time waits for no one and neither do my kids, I’ve shifted the goal posts – Autumn is here already and Winter is not far off.

So my plan is to make my new winter clothes, I got all inspired after I picked up some cool vintage patterns, easy peasy ones, and mostly dresses.  I figure that I don’t need to buy more fabric either, I have several lengths of fabric I used for baby wraps, which I no longer need and I even have a few zips stashed away, not to mention smallish fabric pieces that are just piling up..

To kick things off I’v got some photos to share.  I’ve been sorting out mostly baby clothes and have some lovely old items for baby that I don’t want to pass on, but can’t really keep using, like these leggings, they’re too small, and the elastic has gone in them, there was also a whole in the toe.  I figured they’d make some sweet fingerless mittens, and a neck warmer or head scarf.


This is what I did..

leggings sock cut!

It fits…

leggings to wrist warmer see


hemmingwrist warmers

This is the cowl neck warmer.  I hand stitched the hem.

cowl inside

This photo shows the colour best, as you can see it’s a bit open and so keeps me warmer on my head as above.

cowl on

The fingerless mittens didn’t work so well, but they’re ok.  Luna did some sewing too…

I kept hearing “Ow!’ while she pinned…


All done!

A smaller project, very pretty, I thought.

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