Luna’s latest sewing projects, felt jewelry.

10 February 2013

Luna tells me she makes ‘jewelry’ these days, string countless small felt leaves and petals, sequins together.

Sequins!  Can you believe how many she threaded on one by one?  Over a week or so, this was an important project – who says four year olds have short attention spans?  If Luna has the time and inclination she will work for as long as I can on a project.

More jewelry…

One of the more tricky ones to get started.

Luna’s technique involves ‘threading’ each item onto a length of coloured thread.  She has a range of different items, hand cut felt flowers, leaves, random shapes, beads, sequins, buttons, lace and fabric pieces, other old pieces of jewelry that she can use for her embroidery hoop sewing,  she is really into making her own jewels at the moment, but they are not for wearing, more for just enjoying.

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