letters on the alphabet cushion

13 November 2011

This was ages ago!  But it was cute, remember when I made Luna her felt letter set?  They were fun, then I decided she needed to see the whole alphabet in order, and made this cushion.  Well a while back, Luna had a go at laying out the letters, she did this herself and sang along her abc’s as she went.

Some were a bit back to front, but we sang it together when she had finished and she sorted them out.  I remember writing my letters back to front for a while when I was a kid.

It was nice to see her working this out, she actually knows many of her letters and we do read words together.  I also talk about how m-o-o-n spells moon and so on (we have many books about the Moon) all pretty low key, she seems to be grasping little things like that and enjoys pointing out signs that have the alphabet on them while we drive around.

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