Kids in the garden.

8 May 2013

Luna created this shelter for her pots of tulip bulbs, in order to keep them dry.  I do most of the gardening activities with the kids, or they are doing their own thing alongside, turns out Luna is an expert at transplanting seedlings.  After an hour or so to herself outside, she came to tell me she had planted out her garden, perfectly uplifting and replanting the bok choi I had put in one of the larger beds.

It is actually a better place than where I started them, more shelter, and she has been watering them regularly.  Quite a nice little lesson (for me) that she has sound gardening skills already.

This is our lantern tree, after the Chinese New Celebrations a couple of months ago, it is still the most favoured place to hang jewels and ribbons.

Luna decided to bring in the washing the other day, brought her chair out and down the back steps, pulled off the pegs, tossed them into her target hoola hoop, and dropped the dry clothes into an empty cardboard box she found in the garage.

Yes, I like this!

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