Just Me an’ You.

20 July 2013

“Just Me an’ You!”  Blake exclaims as we wander down the beach, Luna is looking for pebbles with Nana.  I was thinking…”The kids will hang out with mum while I take a brisk walk up the beach, perfect!”  Blake had other plans, this was going to be a little bit of time for the two of us.  Which I tend to forget to make happen sometimes, it was lovely, the day was sunny and cool, and the beach was peaceful, and despite being school holidays, there was hardly anyone else there (where have all the children gone?)

Love it.

There are many slips along these cliffs.

Blake enjoyed investigating the loose rock at the base of the cliff.

Crumbling rock!

So many different textures to get close to.

Rock and dead wood.

We didn’t see who made these tracks.

Just lovely to stop and watch the waves, listen to the ocean and sea birds.

Juvenile oysters.

Room to roam.

Perfect wintery day for the beach.

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