In squid news

23 February 2007


I almost missed the news on tv.. but fortunately a friend alerted me to the news that New Zealand fishermen fishing for the Patagonian Toothfish in the waters of the Antarctic were fortunate enough to haul in a Colossal Squid as it was after their catch… so I was able to see a few images on the breakfast news (yes, there is news on early mornings don’t you know..)


So exciting, I just love squid, particularly these mysterious giants that populate the depths of our oceans… it is very sad that we know so little about them and we don’t know whether our destructive fishing methods are causing much damage to their habit or food supplies, let along hooking them up from the depths as they go about their business…

The amazing thing about the Colossal Squid are the swivelling hooks they have on their tentacles, making them a ferocious and truly terrifying hunter – straight out of science fiction stories…

Anyhow, more photos are on the following links, I have borrowed these images one from

You can read more about this awesome creature on the wikipedia

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