Imaginary Worlds… I’m from Dune, apparently

20 December 2006

Here’s what they had to say…


Your world is 72% Sophisticated, 68% Unconventional, and 33% Intense!You live in the worlds of Dune. Preferably the last two books in the series, in terms of timeline, as that’s when things are genuinely intelligent, probable, and weird as hell… but not too intense. Not intense, I should add, because you’re probably a Bene Gesserit or trained by one, which means you’ve learned to take anything and everything in stride. You can probably move faster than we can see, comprehend a complex obstacle and the potential solutions at a glance, and stop your heart with a thought. But you also probably won’t ever fall in love, listen to music, or do anything else which will evoke too much of that inconvenient thing called emotion. But hey! To you it’s probably worth it to be able to move any muscle in your body at will or traverse the collected memories of your ancestors.
Find out where you are from here.
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