I just love World Sweet World, don’t you?

20 November 2008

Rob bought me a copy of issue #2 of World Sweet World magazine at the last Craftwerk we went to – and it’s great!  I love it so much I have even subscribed, and for $30 a year who can complain?

World Sweet World is all about sustainability and creativity, two of my favourite things.  Issues profile crafters and artists, and other clever people making a positive contribution to our world, they even share some of their crafty ideas so you can make some fun stuff you can use or give as gifts.

As a craftster, it has been very inspiring for me, especially as I have a wee baby, not so wee any more, but she does keep me busy.  In the latest issue there are some interviews with other craftsters, also mums, who manage to get busy making their work while caring for their children… if they can do it so can I!  And the dishes will stay stacked beside the bench while I sew…  ah, bliss.

The recipes are also inspiring and easy to make, thanks to the easy bread recipe (issue #3) by Jo Sweeney a clever lass living and working Raglan making ladies accessories.  And the delicious walnut slice (issue #2) by contributed by Anna Ridley has been a great quick bake for unexpected visitors…  anyhow, I’ll be ordering a copy of the first issue, and I can’t wait!

So go on check them out, maybe at the next good crafty event, or just visit their website:

World Sweet World

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