How Arnold Won the West, 2004

28 May 2007


Watched this film yesterday while recovering from my ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Film and Cocktail evening, which was on all accounts a great success!

I had the thought that perhaps the dvd might be a good easy watch, not too full-on for my morning after brain and something I could watch while I ate brunch and sipped coffee, maybe even nodding off a bit. Well I couldn’t miss a beat, it was very entertaining (although not surprising) as it was yet another documentary that doesn’t hide the fact that American politics, and politicians, leave much to be desired. The Governator was, of course, charismatic and smooth and acted the part with gusto, while his opponents shrivelled and faltered by the wayside, there was no doubt that Arnie would come out on top.

Of course we all know the result of the race, but it is fascinating to see how well orchestrated the performance was, Schwarzenegger is not one to be underestimated in his drive to succeed at whatever he puts his mind to, if you have seen Pumping Iron you’ll know what I’m on about. And of course there is the majority of the American public who gladly supported their Terminator in his campaign, and were a hand full of people in the documentary that I really felt for, perhaps the few who tried to speak out about the lunacy around them (I know, I know, massive generalisation, but y’know the Californians voted for him, and I’m afraid the everyday Jo or Jane citizen that I see in docos and media here do not do themselves any favours, just take a look at this clip). Anyhow, see it it’s great!

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