Hot day at Te Henga

19 February 2011


We have this new thing we’re doing, we will be heading out west once a month to clear our heads.  Yesterday we went out to Te Henga, north of Piha.   It’s been a while since either of us has been there, the first time for Luna and Blake.  The estuary has changed shape somewhat but it still feels the same.  I have most often headed out west when I have embarked on a change, maybe new lover, a big overseas adventure, or just needing to breathe.  Something about this coast just revitalises me, I feel like a gecko shedding my old skin, time for a serious change.

beach play

The kids love it.  Blake would not be up in the sling, no way!  He had to be down there getting into it, this let me run off with the camera for a few minutes… yippeee.


foam in a shell

sea biscuit chunk inside

Something I’m really enjoying at the moment is Luna’s gentleness with nature.  She’s about as enthusiastic about exploring the beach and finding tiny amazing animals as I am.  I spent hours at the beach as a child, and it’s a pleasure to go to the beach with her just to run and look.

Here’s the head of a small paddle crab.

paddlecrab back

Snapper biscuits or sand dollars, are ecinoderms, and I find the fascinating, from this perspective, I wish I was small enough to wander inside.  So cool the way they break apart.

sea biscuit chunk2

sea biscuit chunk

Amazing texture.

wash up

Always interesting getting down to see what’s washed up.

Luna and Rob

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