Horem pádem (Up and Down), 2004

7 January 2007

We had Up and Down screening at work – and I had a sneaky late night preview of it ahead of time – and it’s great!  Definitely worth seeing, Up and Down is a black comedy, about a rough soccer fanatic who is trying to mend his ways and hold down a respectable job, while his baby-crazy partner is driven to buy an apparently abandoned baby from a dodgy pornbroker.  In the meantime the well-to-do father of an estranged son (living in Australia) is trying to tie up lose ends with his former partner in order to marry his current squeeze, a younger woman, with whom he has daughter with, who used to date his son (it is that complicated).  The characters were quite convincing and I really enjoyed this one, although it was a little cheesy at the end.

Plenty of people wandered out after seeing it not sure what to make of it, and it did offend a few of our older patrons, it is quite full on and the soccer fans were very aggressive in parts.

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