home made cold cream.. so easy!

6 May 2009

With the last issue of World Sweet World came a recipe for cold cream, it can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser, and an all over body butter.

The woman who supplied the recipe is Rachel Fabish, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I noted it here, I’m also very keen to make my own beauty products and save on packaging and all those additives.

So here are some photos of the process, unfortunatley Luna woke the moment I reached the ‘move the mix off the heat and continue mixing until it thinkens’ stage – so I think it is not quite as smooth as it may have been.  Also, the rose water has started to separate slightly, and I’ll be interested to see if that maybe as a result of the interruption too – as I will be making it again – such a nice idea for a gift!

So here’s the ingredient list:

6 Tablespoons olive oil

28 gms bees wax (or 1 Tablespoon candelilla flakes) for my first batch I used bees wax as I was unable to source an alternative..

2 Tablespoons Rose water

Essential oil (I had lavender at hand)

Put the olive oil and wax in a glass jar in a pot of hot water and heat gently until the wax has just melted..

Next, warm the rose water, remove jar from heat and slowly add the rose water to the mix, this is when Luna woke up… so I had to stop and get back to it..  I stood the jar in a dish of cold water to speed it up, and added the lavender oil.  Very quickly it thickened, and also began to separate slightly, it is still very nice to use, although a tad heavier than the facial moisturisers I have been using.

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