Have sewing machine, can travel.

12 April 2012

This may sound odd, but when it comes to having a few hours of ‘spare time’ (ie the kids are with Rob or are miraculously asleep at the same time) the first thing I want to do is work.  And that means sewing, drawing or making something.  So when I came across these posts about craftweekends over on the Pea Soup blog I started giggling and jumping up and down inside.  I wanted to email them and ask if could please come too?  Except they’re in Australia, and well, the littlees and I have not had a night apart ever, and will probably not have one for a while yet.

But this month I’m having my first Sew a Long!  My biggest problem now is which projects to take?

Here are but some of my options..  I’m thinking the shorter long sleeved version lower left.  Not sure what the fabric is, will have to suss it out, it is very light and floaty, such a beautiful print, it feels cool to touch and seems to crease.

I like the look of the low waisted sash on the lower right, not sure if there’s enough fabric…

Though I like this pattern too, I think maybe the version with the low neckline and sleeveless, left hand version.  The fabric is a crepe, with a slight stretch to it.

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