Grey Water recycling – easy!

31 March 2013

We set up this grey water recycling system in December last year, and it’s great.  Easy to use, and the only cost for us was the 220 litre drum.  I’ve used buckets off and on for years, to supplement rain water and the occasional hose, so this is a great step forward!  What has been a little shocking is the amount of water that would be going down the drain – it always bothered me, and seemed so wasteful, so to see that our old top loading washing machine, with non-existent efficiency rating, a full load almost fills the drum, just over the three quarter mark.

Now it all goes into the garden and the kids use the water too.  I use a laundry liquid that is gentle on the environment and low allergenic so it’s all good.  But look how easy it was?  Buy the used drum (or score yourself a free one..) drill a hole, add a tap, or just bucket it out from the top – Rob did all the cutting and drilling, and fitted the old tap he picked up, and built the little stand.  All conveniently located outside the washroom window.  Look at all that!

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