futter! mmm mm.

19 October 2011

So I’m getting all vegan on it foodwise these days, and I’m really enjoying experimenting with some of my most used foods.  For me a vegan lifestyle is about compassion, living sustainably and healthy choices, in New Zealand we enjoy a wide range of foods to choose from, and we are also carrying this legacy of dairy farming, which I suppose, people like me are a tired of.

Certainly becoming a parent makes a person a huge target for marketing, and the dairy and meat board here in NZ do not hold back.  It’s about getting mums and dads hooked into the sales pitch, so the kids get tied in as young as possible.  Not so sure?  Get a hold of The Politics of Breastfeeding, then see what you think..

But anyway enough of the rant already!  My big thing that was getting me down was not having a reliable and tested butter substitute – primarily for baking – as well as spreading on my homemade bread.  I have been wanting to get away from vege oil based spreads, though I was using Olivio, it is still very processed and not a healthy option.

So I was all but skipping around the house when I came across a recipe for futter – faux butter, made from coconut oil (I worked with about 300gms of deodorized organic oil), a pinch (and I mean a pinch) of turmeric and about half a teaspoon of salt.  Melted enough to combine, once cooled, viola!  Faux butter!  Fantastic!

I now use it for spreading on fresh bread, in baking (or just use coconut oil – I found using less than the amount of butter called for in the recipe works well) it makes good scones, just takes a bit longer to work in when you’re crumbling it into the dry ingredients.


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