Films, films, films

7 January 2007

What with xmas and all that time off (haha) over the summer period, I went to the library on a mission, I picked up a very comprehensive book on cinema, 1880s through to 2001. Not exactly bedtime reading (size-wise) but as Rob is off in beautiful San Fransico for two weeks at the MacWorld Geek Conference, I decided to spend some time catching up on a few of those ‘must sees’ that slipped under the radar, or happened all those years before I was born.

Suffice to say I now have several pages of films to work through – not that I want to see them all – who has that kind of time?! I also decided to write about those movies I do see but don’t like, they are definitely out there, no matter how picky you are and how determined you are to avoid them… so over the next few days I will work through those drafts I have sitting waiting to be published and hopefully get some of those must and must-not sees out there.

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