Film of the week.

1 February 2011

So, I’m already slipping.  I was going along all nicely finding a classic weekly hire dvd from our local dvd rental place, thinking it would be great if I could get back into watching films, just on dvd for now.. then I completely lost it!  Too much work and not enough work-while-watching-movies!  These days I can sometimes help Luna off to sleep then get little Blake all snuggled on my lap for a long breastfeed and sleep – awesome really – I just get the dvd all cued, grab the remote, water, cup tea if I’m really organised, a snack and go!  Nothing like watching a couple of good movies to cheer me up on those days I could go mad.


But hey, I’ll get some more dvds tomorrow, in the meantime, I’ll write about Sayonara, I watched this about three times a few weeks ago, because I loved it so much.  I also watched so many times because it worked out that the kids slept all at once (wohoo) also Marlon Brando has a way with words that reminds me of looking through the wrong prescription glasses, and finally it is SO romantic, it really is.  I’m usually loath to get all soppy about romantic movies, and I hate ‘romcoms’ but this oh, be still my heart!

I imagine that this must have been pushing the boundaries when it was released, in 1957.  It is a classic love story, similar to themes in Romeo and Juliet, and seems authentic.  I think the issues around cross-cultural relationships and marriage are still relevant, sadly, and I think Marlon Brando and Miiko Taka did well in their roles.  Cool to see plenty of traditional Japanese theatre and the costume design was also stunning, I want to make a kimono and I want to go to Japan!

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