Fabric a Brac

19 August 2012

Fabric a Brac came to Auckland yesterday, it was so much fun… I bumped into many sewing craftsy friends, some had tables, and some, like me were there to shop, it went like this, quick hug, “Sogladtoseeyou.Can’tstopandtalkmustkeeplooking.Coffeeafterwards” and this is what I brought home:

Three vintage patterns, $2 each, what a find!  And some really lovely cotton printed fabric, was at $25 for the 6.5m, but the lovely women gave it to me for $20, this will make at least two summer frocks, maybe even a sweet out fit for Luna !  I also picked up a couple of embroidery hoops, here’s a close up of the fabric:

Pretty huh, floral, but not TOO floral, if you know what I mean, understated I suppose.  I’ve been thinking of making a Dior floral inspired dress for some time, this will surely be enough fabric, while not pushing my ‘completely covered in flowers’ boundaries.

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