even more new sea horses to love…

24 April 2011

Stanley Face2

Here’s Stanley, I’ve had this fabric for ages, just a small remnant, about one meter square, one of my favourite pieces, and now it’s become a Snuggly Sea Horse!  Check out Nancy below…

Nancy long

These new Snuggly Sea Horses are the first of my softies to be stuffed with Innergreen toy fill.  It’s quite exciting, Innergreen is lovely and soft and made from corn fibre, so much nicer for you and nicer for our planet.  I’ll be using Innergreen from now instead of polyester stuffing.

Nancy face

Luna has her own Nancy and loves her, she is also made from a smallish remnant of fabric.. love those green eyes!  these new Sea Horses are also sporting my new fabric tags, all very exciting!

This is the last one, Edward, he’s made from some smart glossy cherry coloured fabric.  I’m glad it worked out well for this guy, some of these firmer fabrics just don’t work so well, but Edward looks great!

Red Edward

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