Domicile conjugal (Bed and Board), 1970

14 September 2006

This is apparently the third film in The Adventures of Antoine Doinel, by Francois Truffaut and was a last minute grab at my local dvd store last week – having briefly just skim read the back I decided to hire it without having seen all of the earlier films.

I was not disappointed, I immediately liked the main characters, Antoine and Christine Darbon Doinel, Antoine is a not-so-well employed (as opposed to an unemployed) artist, seeking the perfect job, his partner Christine is a violin teacher from a bourgeois family (according to Antoine at least). Soon they are to become parents, and Antoine lands a cushy job working for an American company where he spends his time test driving model boats in a miniature harbour designed by his firm – all quite strange- but perhaps a parody of the American corporation through the eyes of a French man.

As the relationship changes between Antoine and Christine, the immaturity of Antoine is really very annoying, he begins an affair with a beautiful and exotic Japanese woman while his wife is still nursing their child (I know!). This is of course from 1970 and all very strange to a woman today (or is it just me?) I was pleased to see Christine’s anger when she confronts him about it – but then she becomes concerned that she was to harsh with Antoine after refusing to share their bed with him, knowing that she ought to just accept his infidelity and forgive him. After all, men just need to be able to sleep with whom ever they want and then be able to come home to a loving and understanding wife – who of course would never cheat on her husband.

But anyway enough about that! Anointe and Christine have a groovy apartment and it’s a great slice of life from the 60s/70s period, I’m still going to check out the other films in the series:

The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups), Stolen Kisses (Baisers voles), and Love on the Run (Amour en fuite).

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