Desire Lines opening details…

9 July 2010


Not long to go now, Desire Lines is opening in just over two weeks at Artstation on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road…

Curated by: Jill Segedin
Artists include: Marion Bawdon, Angela Carter, Susie Crow, Amanda Levey with Rachel Grimwood, Zoë Nash, Becky Nunes, Lyneemaree Patterson and Caroline Powley.

21 July to 7 August 2010
Opening: 5 to 7pm, Tuesday 20 July 2010

The term desire lines refers to lines (traces, tracks and pathways) that show where individuals choose to travel, which might challenge the officially established routes (Bachelard, 1994). Lines of desire can form for many different reasons – perhaps for expediency, efficiency or due to laziness (short cuts) or as challenge and subversion or habit and for fun. Arguably an artwork is or at least can be such a trace or a path. It develops and reveals a preferred or chanced upon navigation of materials, space and ideas, and accommodate subjectivity, spontaneity, intuition, process and expression.



bawdon_holding _on_lores

Marion Bawdon, Holding on to nothing (Detail) 2010.


Marion Bawdon, Catch me when I fall (Detail) 2010.

Becky Nunes

Becky Nunes run, repeat, 2010.

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