Confluentia press release and invite! 3 April 2007

3 April 2007

Press Release


works by Rama Aycrigg, Angela Carter and Lynnemaree Patterson
Opening 6pm 13 April 2007 exhibition runs from 13 April to 3 May 2007
MARCO gallery | project space and MARCO Trust Studio
47 New North Rd, Eden Terrace, Auckland

Celebrating the inherent genius of nature through line, paint and crochet

Three friends have come together to create works that celebrate the inherent genius of nature. Together, these artists weave qualities of playfulness, sensitivity and sheer abundance to create a show that has genuine vitality. Their approaches are very different but the threads that bind them are a fascination and a reverence for life on Earth.


Rama Aycrigg
The motifs explored in Rama Aycrigg’s paintings are informed by the repetitive aspect of the language of decoration, a language which celebrates the natural world by mimicking the symmetry and patterns found there. She draws inspiration primarily from the decorative traditions of the vibrant culture of India, an influence that began for her as a child in the Hare Krishna community, referencing a medley of sources including architecture, fabric and traditional arts performed by women such as Rangoli (decoration of the entrance to the home) and Mehandi (decoration of the hands and feet).

The labour intensive process involved in creating these decorative forms is very important to her practice. She always works free-hand and the constant repetition unavoidably reveals all the imperfections of the human hand which are cherished as evidence of the creation process. The inherent nature of these decorative forms also provides her art practice with a strong connection to her spiritual practice; the ritual of repetition becomes a meditation, a mantra. The decorative forms in Rama’s work offer a reminder of the harmony found in nature and perhaps a sense of the meditative peacefulness that exists in their creation.

Angela Carter
Playfulness, humour and nonsense are key aspects of Angela Carter’s practice. Inspired by illustrations of Dr Seuss and varied forms of life that exist in marine environments, at first her objects may seem absurd and dysfunctional, however, they are intended to create a sense of wonder for the viewer, that they may experience the fun and playfulness involved in making them.

As a process of iteration and repetition, crochet begins with a slip knot and involves creating a series of loops using a hooked needle, altering the topology of the original material from a simple length into a complex three dimensional form. Fascination with the ability to control and manipulate these materials has driven Angela’s practice, resulting in ‘mutations’ of traditional crochet stitches.

Lynnemaree Patterson
This artist’s work explores themes such as the intricacy of the web of life, the relationship between order and chaos, and the nature of connections. Lynnemaree Patterson is concerned about the precarious state of the earth and her works celebrate the extraordinary diversity and complexity of life while drawing attention to the delicate balance we are facing.

For Lynnemaree “painting is like taking my hands off the steering wheel… what appears chaotic and fragmented, I believe, is intricately connected should we allow our imaginations to weave a tale and discover the mysteries.” The colours and sensuality of Cambodia, India and Papua New Guinea as well as those of the wilds of nature of Aoteoroa permeate this artist’s painting.

“Confluentia” runs for three weeks from Friday 13 April to 3 May 2007. For more information please contact Jill Segedin on 308 8485 or or visit

MARCO gallery | project space is administered by MARCO Trust, a creative arts and arts therapy centre in Eden Terrace that fosters creativity for mind body well-being and community. It is a facility for local artists and community groups, providing a platform for both emerging and established artists of all ages and abilities, offering opportunities to show art that is not primarily commercially driven, and is of a more exploratory and personally therapeutic nature.

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