Comment on the Cone, Maungawhau Mt Eden

1 March 2005

There were two Iwi representatives, and a couple of geologists who took us around and related some of the history of the area and it’s past inhabitants. The geologists also noted the damage that has happened to the cone due to cattle grazing, inappropriate access to the cone and road damage. Two councillors also had a little speel, one of which spoke strongly of banning buses and other heavy vehicles from accessing the cone, as most us there would, but when he suggested his great idea I became more than a little concerned. He wants to install a small train that would transport those that may not be able to make the walk to the summit themselves. For a place with such a rich cultural heritage, not to mention the sacredness of areas like the cone itself, this would seem somewhat disrespectful and conjures up images of theme parks and fun rides.

Visit this site to find out how you can have your say: Auckland city website

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