Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival 2014

30 January 2014

Kumeu car show 2014 line up

The Kumeu Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival 2014 was a couple of weeks ago, it was the 20th annual show.

Kumeu car show 2014 green bonet

This one was a bit of a favourite…

Kumeu car show 2014 strato chief

I liked this VW van in particular, how often do you come across a van that matches your frock?

Kumeu car show 2014 VW van red gingham

Perfectly, even.

vintage simplicity gingham tall

That’s my gingham dress, best frock for the day.

Kumeu car show 2014 VW van red

I had a bit of a crush on VW’s many years ago, so it was fun to see so many all in one place.

Kumeu car show 2014 VW bettle

The Vans were too cute, this one was very retro, in every detail, just makes you want to go for a beach weekend.

Kumeu car show orange VW van

I loved this old Corvette, and could quite happily take this baby home.

Kumeu car show corvette

As far as a family fun day out goes, this was ok, the kids were almost overwhelmed by the heat after about 30 minutes, the fair is held in a huge field, so not a lot of shade to be found under tress.  They had ice creams, hot chips and portaloos, so I was glad I had packed my picnic with tea and good food and water.  There was a kids area, with ride on bumper type cars, a bouncy castle and kind of fair ground ‘fishing’ game.  Not that great, and there was an additional cost to play on them.  The kids loved the monster trucks, and of course there are odd cars driving around and revving their engines, so there was still plenty going on anyway.  I’m looking forward to next year

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