Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

13 March 2007


Last week I took a couple of days off my regular work at the cinema – it was wonderful – and I discovered that Breakfast at Tiffany’s was screening for a limited time at the Berkley in Mission Bay. So exciting!

So I went along and felt like I was one of those ladies of leisure who frequent cinemas during the day after enjoying having their nails done…

‘not working’ really is a bit of a novelty, and it was so nice just taking the time out to do something just for me – that and the fact that Breakfast at Tiffany’s just might be my favourite film. Seeing it on the Big Screen was great, although the sound wasn’t so hot, probably a monosound track? We screened Charade last year and had a similar problem.


I do just love this film, the plot is a little odd, but fun, Henry Mancini (such a dude) wrote beautiful music and Audrey is dressed by Givenchy, could a film be more stylish? I don’t think so.

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