back on track

24 September 2010


So things are becoming a little less manic here as life as a mum of two is becoming easier?  Or something?  Some days it all just goes along nicely, others not so much, I’m lucky if I get dinner and lunch made!

In the next month I am going to be going through my stock of goodies, and getting set for markets, there are a some good ones lined up for this year and I’ll be looking to get along to the Auckland Art and Craft fair for one.  Spending most of my days as operations manager in The Carter household has given me plenty of time to think and plan a couple of new items. things that I’d love and hopefully other will too.

I have also been photographing lovely Luna’s art and installations, some interesting arrangements that may show some insight into her ideas, or obscure them entirely!  Here are some recent photos…  Above are some of Luna’s ‘notes’ on the shopping list pad, and below, we found that these crayons made excellent fences.

crayon fences

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