Back / Not back to school 2018

22 February 2018

capsule wardrobe concept experimentsTaiharuru

A new beach discovered, Taiharuru

While friends are celebrating back to school and the end of the school holidays, a whole year has rolled around again, and I’m happy to be able to continue to support my family’s diverse learning styles and interests. The summer brought us spending much more time with my family, after nearly a year of intense support and distress while Nana Joy was sick, and our poppa transitioned into a rest home. This meant lots of time with nana for Luna and Blake, and lots of fun swimming at beaches I used to enjoy when I was growing up.

Luna and Blake swimming at Scott Point

Blake’s year to swim, and swim and swim

Sweet times. While 2016 and 2017 were made up of big changes; moving cities and life shaking happenings like nana becoming gravely ill and passing away, 2018 is feeling like long awaited and worked on goals are becoming reality.

All the while Luna and Blake are growing and changing, rolling with, and sometimes against, all that is life. Making new friends and making leaps in learning, this blog has been quiet and a little neglected. I have still be making and reading, children are still playing-learning-growing, and we are coming to love our new city.

 Masters reading stack

Tempted by just a few books at the WCAD library

Leaving Auckland, with its excessively high rents and unstable housing (for us as renters) meant that I was able to seriously consider taking up postgraduate study. Not only do we now have secure housing and fair rent, we all have space to work on projects, Luna and Blake are more independent, it’s possible for me to carve out time and space for my work. So, this January, finally, suddenly, I was accepted into Whitecliffe‘s MFA program.

There may be some repetition, hospital property, 2017 Angela Carter low res

There may be some repetition, hospital property, 2017, hospital sheet, coats cotton

I’ll be travelling more often to Auckland and Luna and Blake will be spending more time with their nana, it’s going to be busy, there will be all nighters, but it is so much fun right now! You can follow my student blog, here, On the Smallness of Things, I’m using it as a space to keep my research, reading and track development of my ideas and projects.

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