Artificial Sweeteners

15 September 2004

Like many of us I am concerned about my and my families health, and am bombared by the media trying to sell the latest fad to lower cholesterol, reduce fat, improve fitness and the list goes on. Although I am aware that NutraSweet and Equal contain a nerve agent, I was never convinced that I ought replace sugar with this synthetic product, and given the choice between sugar and an artificial sweetener the choice is easy. After reading this article by Dr Joseph Mercola I was more convinced than ever that neither product is fit for human consumption. It is a long article but, do read to the end, if you are happy using NutraSweet or Equal, please consider the effect it can have on a child.

Interesting to learn the effect aspartame has on the production of serotonin, and how this food aditive promoted as dietry supplement actually stimulates hunger cravings rather than satisfying them.

Aspartame – fruad and deception

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