and the Raphaelesque Head Exploding

25 June 2012

Raphaelesque Head Exploding1951 by Salvador Dalí

So I had a bit of a treat on the weekend, we went into town, all keen to see Degas to Dali, at the Auckland Art Gallery, this is the last weekend and I was sure it would be pack with last minute visitors (just like me).

But it was great!  I noted down my favs and the highlights to share, here are a few.

I drew a picture of a wave, similar to this one, when I was about 16, and was taken aback to see this painting in the exhibition.  You can read more about this series of works here, the Musee de Orsay website  and the specific painting here, the National Galleries Scotland website.

A handful of works resonated with me, now I’m A Mother I suppose, some really tender works, like this one by Picasso, Mère et enfant, or Mother and Child, 1902.  I know I’ve held this pose, like many other mothers.  Quite touching for me, as my experience of the art school and indeed the art world is that it is just so masculine.  Particularly a figure like Picasso, who, to me seems quite aggressive, portraying something so feminine, is beautiful.

Another mother and baby, this time, Rodin’s The Young Mother, this was also beautiful.

Who cannot resist a huge Roy Roy Lichtenstein?  This was really well placed, hats off to the curatorial team at the gallery.

And Anne Redpath, I was more drawn to her work after watching a dvd, Michael Palin on Art (which you should probably see).

What a fun day, I love being back the Art Gallery, and I so miss working there.  The thing is, I walk in and see all these works, some I know so so well, it’s like being with old friends.  So easy to take for granted, just being able to ‘be’ with great art works, and not to have to rush off.

Can’t wait to go back.


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