and in the garden.

5 December 2012

There are other things that keep me busy, other than sewing.   And the exciting developments in our vege garden are a constant distraction.  When we moved house we potted up the vege garden, purple sprouting brocoli, rubarb, silverbeet, flowering bulbs and even the garlic – so far most has taken to the new house and garden, bar some of the garlic, a few are not too happy about being transplanted, though there are some nice strong looking stems in there.

Above is a little surprise, I sprinkled some random seeds into a new bed, and this rich crop of red mustard appeared, it’s such a lovely colour, and I have used it in the last batch of kimchi.  Yum!

Can’t wait for these little babies to turn into feijoa’s!

Along with the beans, peas and brocoli plants, I decided to put in a bed of sweet corn, which is fun to watch grow, I’m sure it grows a few centimeters everyday, so good for that instant gratification gardening.  Lentils sprung up in this bed, which will be interesting to watch.

Above is the garden a month ago, some of the brocoli are out now, letting a little more light in.

I garden organically, and as low maintenance as possible, using a worm farm and digging kitchen food waste directly into the garden, as I dig it over, before planting out new seedlings.  It seems to work well, and we generate much too much organic waste for our worms to deal with!  I also use lawn clippings as a mulch, and dig in comfrey leave when I add new organic matter to the bed.  This probably sounds like more work than it is, I’m inspired by permaculture principles, I try and keep things close to the house, and accessible, and I practice companion planting, which is also fun when planning what goes in next.

Here is a look into the strawberry patch, between peas and a sage plant, all good friends apparently.

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