An indication of Space

9 August 2013

Just wondering if conceptual artists get their ideas from kids.  We get some priceless ideas from Luna and Blake.

The felts are out before breakfast at the moment and Luna’s work has become about drawing the sun, large with dots inside – along with solar flares protruding, huge Moons, shooting stars, they are the small round or flower shaped objects with straight tails.

Below, An indication of Space is the first of a new series by Luna.

The biggest shape is the Moon with craters, the sun has three solar flares (top right) the flower type shapes without tails are stars, the two with tails are shooting stars.  Venus is also there, on the left and the four empty oval shapes are Moon rocks.

The Moon is again large and below right, to the left is a star, top right is our Sun, then center left is our Earth, complete with countries as described by Luna.

This is Blake’s drawing, “It’s ME!” he says.  He’s enjoying encircling objects at the moment.  Blake is famous for saying like it is, one dot drawing he worked on for ages he described as “Just dots, Dad.”

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