An Inconvenient Truth

24 October 2006

It took a while, but I’ve just seen the Al Gore film, An Inconvenient Truth.

I’ve been concerned about the environment for so long – and at times it’s just so just so big a problem that one person seems so insignificant, but it just comes down to individuals making small changes every day. As far as the issue of global warming goes, there is nothing really new in this film, but Gore does a good job of breaking down the science behind understanding global warming or ‘climate change’. Anyone could walk away from this film an understand the crisis the environment is in.

It had more of a global perspective than I thought it might – after reading an article by Gore in the green issue of Vanity Fair earlier this year (more…) that seemed to assume that if you were reading the article, you were an American and that there was only one ‘administration’.

As you would expect, there were saddening pictures of disappearing glaciers, tree felling and the terrible effects of extreme weather patterns. Even a simulation of the effect of rising sea levels on many low lying cities, and not just those in America. Thankfully the film concludes with positive actions that may make a difference.

So go see the film, and visit the website:

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