Alice and Oscar.

17 December 2012

Two locals have befriended us, a couple of wandering Mallard ducks, Alice and Oscar started turning up at our place at 5pm on the dot for some bread crusts and fresh water.  I suspect they’ve been displaced due to the destruction of the football field and waterway access, down the road.  Though being so close to the harbour there is no shortage of water birds in the area.

Austin was pretty keen on these birds at first, but, now they have come to some kind of understanding, though Austin is frequently disgruntiled by the many liberties they are taking in his domain.  Sneaking in for his cat biscuits even!

A close encounter.  Cheeky things.  Quite a treat for the kids, and myself, they are interesting characters, we give them plenty of fresh water and watch them groom themselves fastidiously.  I’m hoping they’ll eat slugs and snails, we do find them fossiking in the rocket bed by the back door.  Otherwise, they mostly just hang out with us in the garden.  Sweet life.

One of Luna’s photos, early early morning out with the camera…

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