Adventures around Auckland’s volcanic cones

10 March 2011


I’ve been getting out with Luna and Blake on more adventures lately, visiting some of our precious volcanic cones.  Today was Maungakiekie, One Tree Hill, when I was a kid a pine tree used to stand with the obelisk, this probably Auckland’s most well known sights, it is the site of a Pa or fort.  Such a beautiful day, we had a bit of a wander near the summit, but not quite the top most place to see the view.

Luna on the rock

But still stunning, we took in the western and southern suburbs.

clouds and sheep

We arrived around midday after our errands, morning is the best time for activities as the littlees need long afternoon naps.  Then I get to settle down with Blake and Austin on my lap and write this!


Mushrooms and puffballs.


Pine needles…

Pine needles6

Pine needles4

Pine needles5

These girls had a blast too!

Lime and Isobelon the rocks

Lichen on rocks, and Lucy loves it as much as I do.

Lime on the rocks

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