Academy 3568 in Jacquard

Academy 3568 pattern

Academy 3568 

I picked up this little treasure while opshopping last year, one of those 50c finds, which rarely happen these days. I used it to quickly whip a frock for Rock the Frock, a fundraising party for our community radio station, Beagle Radio (which is choice).

I used a beautiful Jacquard fabric that a friend destashed my way (thanks Jenn!). The fabric was truly meant for this dress, it had enough body to pull off that vampy collar, plus that shimmery sheen that gave it a slightly sci fi quality.

Academy 3568 pattern and bodice in process

Academy 3568 in progress

To get the right structure, I used hair canvas, which I use in tailoring, for the collar, and added a wide strip of bias cut hair canvas in the hem of the skirt, adding structure and width without the weight of more layers. I have used this technique before in my McCall’s black dress.


Academy 3568, that collar!

The pattern had been cut, so I had to redraft part of the shoulder to the sleeve, extending it out to the shoulder point, the pattern also called for a full circle skirt, which I did not have the fabric for. I used a quarter circle skirt instead, I also dropped it to the floor, for, well added drama! I gave the back of the skirt a touch more length too. I really love this dress.

Academy 3568 in process skirt

That skirt! The bias hem gave it more body.

Academy 3568 in Jaquard neckline again

Ayi ayi ayi, this neckline!

 As you can see I also omitted the button down shirt front, this was partly a time saver, but I also think the shirt front is ultimately more casual, which is not the look I was going for…the canvas interfacing works so well!

Academy 3568 in Jaquard back neckline longshot

Oooh the back of the collar!

Academy 3568 in Jaquard

Perfect for swirling

Academy 3568 in Jaquard side view

Academy 3568 in Jacquard

Academy 3568 in Jaquard side again

It has been raining day and night for nearly a week, there was a short reprieve today…

Academy 3568 in Jaquard side swirl

Academy 3568 in Jaquard swirly skirt

Slightly unusual dance moves



This is almost my last make for the 2017 Vintage Pledge, I’m too late getting this baby in! But love it anyway. I love it so much I had to make another one to take out more often….


  1. Oh my word! That dress is absolutely gorgeous! And the collar – swoon! I’ve been scouring the local op shops today for patterns, but unfortunately didn’t find anything as wonderful as this pattern – what a great find 😀


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