New cocktail, Mad Men inspired of course! The Waterview Sunset…

Pretty isn’t it?  With this heat, I keep making cocktails, this one is inspired by our world renowned sunsets.  And Mad Men.

So get all this together:

Grab your chilled shaker, half fill with cracked ice and add:

Two parts blackberry nip (or another berry liquor you have at hand).

One part dark creme de cacao.

Two parts cream, and a dash of grenadine.

Shake, shake, shake, strain into pretty chilled glasses, add a cherry.  Step out into the sunset and enjoy!


  1. I have been trying to get Blackberry Nip for years. Where can I find used to be every bottle shop had it ,but not these days.


    1. Hmm, well I don’t know where in the world you are 🙂 …..but my bottle came from my mum! I haven’t seen it in bottle shops either.


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