Wild winter at Omaha Beach.

28 July 2013

Omaha Beach.  I spent many summers swimming and enjoying beaches north of Auckland, Omaha was a good destination for surf and sand.  Now the kids are older and we are up for more adventures when we stay at mums, I have been introducing them to some favourite places of my childhood and youth.

On a wild wintery day Omaha is really at it’s best, plenty of space to run, the kids loved it.  The surf is impressive, and the water is freezing, and there is so much to discover in the wash up.  The beach and almost everything on it has that sun beached look, like you could discover the bones of some ancient sea creature washed up by the last tide.

We found someone else’s stick home, a few additions by Luna and Blake…

And we’re off again.

Perfect wintery fun.  I really appreciate how much Luna and Blake get out of a bit of real wild play and exploration, the wild wind here at the beach blows out the cobwebs and running in it lets off steam and they fight less.

I also love going to the beach, so it’s a good deal all round.  It costs me nothing, only getting there, and we don’t always have the buckets and spades in the boot.  But as they say, less is more, we find plenty to do, to look at and play with.  They don’t know how lucky they are.

We’ll be back soon.

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