Vintage Glove Love

27 February 2011

long pink shear gloves

I LOVE vintage gloves.  I really, really do.  I love to have them, and I love to wear them, infact Summer is one of those seasons I stuggle to find gloves for it’s just too hot.  So roll around Autumn and I’m happy.

I’ve been planning on photographing my collection for ages, and it will take a while, I’m not sure how many pairs I have…  I have most of my Nana Shirley’s gloves, I wore the fingerless gloves she made for her own wedding when I got married, see?


They’re probably my favs, but I don’t wear them, too fine and lacey.

Thing thing I love about a good pair of gloves is they do keep you warm.  You can wear them with almost anything, swing coats for shorter gloves and for those bare sholders and halternecks who can turn down some silky full length numbers with those impossible-to-do-up-with-gloves-on pearl buttons?  Not me.  Then you just need a good hat…

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