Train rides and wood piles

19 February 2011

train ride2

The girls had a blast riding the Waikino Train this month, it was a ride of about 30 mins, and a stop over at the Waikino Station Cafe, just long enough for a cup of coffee and scone before heading back to Waihi.  You can catch it from either end, and return or go one way.  Luna LOVED it as well, and is still talking about it.

waikino train zoom

The train is a bit rough, but in an authentic kind of way… the chairs were those ones that flip one way or the other, the paint was peeling off in places, see?

waikino train celling

All packed and dressed up before the trip.

traveling girls

More outings for the girls…  hanging out in the woodpile, Nina and Nancy.

Nancy and Nina

Nancy and Isobel.

Nancy and Isobel2

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