Something fishy.

25 August 2013

The kids and I came across this oddity while beach combing at Snells Beach recently.

Washed up in the eel grass, it was about 100mm long, firm – yet light, and somewhat transparent, it actually looks like fibreglass.

Weird.  Luna and I thought it looked a lot like a tooth, but obviously was something quite different.  On squeezing, it turned out to be incredibly strong, I wasn’t keen on popping it so just as well.

So, have you figured it out?  It’s a swim bladder, or a gas bladder.  You can read about how amazing they are and how they work over here on the Wikipedia.

Did I mention it smelled fishy?  I had only heard of them before, but it had to be one.  I don’t know the species of fish it is from, at Snells my pop used to catch snapper and parore in the bay, so they are possibilities.  But I’d imagine one of these babies could float on the waves for sometime.

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