Nova Espress

19 March 2011

nova express

I bought this coffee maker years ago, when I got hooked on the good ol’ stove top espresso maker, between Rob and I our house has some interesting types of stove top espresso makers, but this is my all time favourite.  The colour is a delicious pinky-peach with a blue and silver band, it has a curvy voluptuous shape too…

coffee maker alone

I also haven’t used for years because of the possible health concerns about drinking coffee made in one these babies, sad because now I don’t know what to do with it, other than the occasional admiring glance.

Do you know how this one works?

coffee maker

You pour water into the reservoir (in the lower half of this one) put coffee grounds into top of the funnely shaped thing on the right, screw the t-shaped lid onto the piece with the coffee grounds, then that piece screws into the inside of the coffee maker, pop it onto the hot element.  The water is heated and steam is forced up through the grounds and up the spout into the top part of the machine, and voila!  Fresh espresso!

coffee maker spout

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