new sunhat

28 November 2011

I have a new sun hat!  Made up using a variation on a 1993 pattern for a fold up brimmed hat, using a beautiful piece of a vintage sheet, it was another fun experiment…

It’s all cut out here, I made no major alterations to the pattern, though I used felt to reinforce the brim and in the end the entire hat is lined or backed with felt.  I was after a really wide brimmed hat, and I did not hem the edge as directed, planning to use the bias binding as the edge.  Which was fine, only the pattern had not allowed for my extra width of brim and so I had to add an extra section of binding at the end.

I used a small section of a vintage sheet, which was getting a little worn, but is such a pretty and summery print.

Here’s the picture from the original pattern…  (not so into the massive bow and rose look).

And here’s the finished deal, I love it, but it is really quite floppy, so will make another with a firmer brim.  I will also make it more circular, Audrey Hepburn styles.

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